Less Investment Cost compared to a traditional refrigerated conversion.

Maximum Flexibility in the use of the van or workspace. Easy to load, unload and reposition the coolbox

Natural Cold Air Flow is facilitated by the one piece moulded design with grooved walls

Rustproof flush mounted steel frame with fixed and swivelling castors or metal feet

Various Sizes available to fit in most vans.  Can also be used as a store indoors or outdoors – no power required.

Lightweight But Strong material maximises the payload of your vehicle.

Eutectic plates are available to fit each box specifically

High capacity eutectic plates release a constant amount of cold due to the contained latent heat from the eutectic mixture.  The temperature is maintained until the latent heat has run out, when the solution has melted.

Virtually Maintenance Free alternative to a refrigerated compartment or small store

Low Costs for both purchase and maintenance.

A Convenient Alternative to traditional refrigerated conversions.

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