PolarBox - A New Solution for Refrigerated Transport... Think Outside the Box
Our lightweight and durable PolarBox body often finds itself being recycled onto numerous chassis, making them greater value, and hassle free for you. The waterproof GRP coated, 3 or 5 element panels that we use, can be reinforced to carry maximum payload possible on your chosen chassis. Our design and sales team will focus on you and your needs - what is important to you, whether it be the greatest possible payload, or total temperature precision, is what we will strive to provide.

Pharmaceutical carriers, Pulleyn's Transport, ordered 4 of these 7.5t bespoke boxes, with two separate refrigeration systems, one direct drive, one diesel driven, with a standby generator, in order to maintain optimum temperature. If you have any bespoke requirements, contact us and we will put together the perfect bespoke package for you.

If maximum payload is your primary concern, FridgeBox can help you. Vitacress of Hampshire, ordered this 3.5t vehicle from us. By using a light weight PolarBox body, we achieved a 1.2t payload If payload is vital to you, call us to see what we can do.
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